Artificial intelligence at disposal of your engineering, your marketing and your after-sales services to invent now the services of tomorrow and boost your turnover.

Analysis of driving behavior

Access your customers' usage profiles to improve your products.

Personalized advices

Engage your customers in an enhanced driving experience with our driving coach, which has been acclaimed by the specialist press.

Predictive maintenance

Monitor the wear and tear of consumables (battery, oil, tires, brakes), mileage, manufacturer's maintenance plan and technical inspection.

Remote diagnosis

Use our algorithms to determine the origin of a breakdown when it occurs, remotely, without the vehicle being in the workshop.

What benefits?


Optimize your workshop traffic by setting a goal of 2 visits per year.


Optimize and maximize your telematics investments.


The right offer, at the right time, at the right price.


À la carte

Pick the tools that meet your expectations.

Off the shelf

Deploy in record time: take advantage of tools adapted to all connectivity solutions.

Project mode

Do you have a specific need? DRUST's development teams can offer you tailor-made products.

Your automotive connected services now!

We are committed to maximizing the value of your connected services by supporting the success of your projects.

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