Unique in Europe, DRIVELAB is a real open-air laboratory to allow you to test your connected car project.

At DRUST, we are convinced that the connected car is written alongside car players and in direct contact with driver.


The observation is unanimous. The connected car market opens up an extraordinary field of possibilities. But, a connected car project can be difficult from the construction of the offer to its implementation. It is therefore common to drive pilots with a representative group of testers before proceeding to the deployment phase.

We have therefore decided to provide our partners with a unique laboratory in Europe enabling them to quickly test and validate their service offer. It consists of over 1000 connected conductors ready to test new services.

What process and for what results?

The principle of DRIVELAB is to be able to test without constraint.



Each test campaign begins with a scoping stage during which we review the objectives and deliverables. The business partner then selects the data records he wants to retrieve.


Users activation

To guarantee representative tests, each DRIVELAB driver is independent. Therefore, it is necessary to engage and federate them in the tests to be conducted through exclusive advantages proposed by the partner.



Two test solutions are proposed to the partner.

Plug & play test solution
  • Testing the myDRUST application

  • Access to myDRUST feature sheets

  • Data access via a standard API

Tailor-made test solution
  • Testing of custom developed features

  • Access to qualitative and quantitative studies on the use of the application

  • Data access via a tailor-made API

  • Data access via a custom dashboard


Assessment and iterations

At the end of the test, we carry out a review which can invite us to iterate on a new test loop if necessary.

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