Intelligence platform

DRUST puts all its expertise at the service of its customers' connected car projects. Its partners benefit from unprecedented support at each stage of their project.


Connect all vehicles

The hardware to connect the car must not be a brake and must adapt to your need. We offer you certified boxes ready for use. Already connected? We adapt and connect our platform to your data source.

Vehicle data

Monitoring the performance of vehicle components is essential for building connected car" services. DRUST collects vehicle usage data.

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

  • Vehicle speed

  • Default codes

  • Battery status

  • Mileage

  • Component wear

  • Maintenance schedules

  • Cost per use

Driver data

We analyse a data set with the explicit agreement of the drivers when it concerns data coming from vehicles and on-board sensors allowing us to have a fine representation of the drivers' behaviour.

  • Driving scoring

  • Driving hints

  • Trip history

  • Driving events

  • Service manual

  • Driver segmentation

Off the shelf

Compose your offer

We provide you with a pool of high added value features, developed and tested for optimal use. All you have to do is assemble.

In project mode

Access our expertise

A team organized in a new project mode. An organization designed to produce iteratively over 30-day cycles.


Customize to your needs

If our stock of functionalities is not sufficient we can, from an expression of need, develop tailor-made solutions adapted to specific constraints and integrated in coherence with your positioning.


Test in our open laboratory

An activatable user base to accelerate learning and market access.


Maximize the value

We turn raw data into useful data for you and the drivers. Use our algorithms to segment a population, characterize a trend, analyze a behavior or prevent a driving event or aging vehicle.


Access your data

Your data will be distributed to you on the channel you want (API, dashboard, etc.)


Deploy easily and quickly

Take advantage of tools to deploy and manage a fleet of connected vehicles to facilitate marketing.


Optimize the experience

We have a support team at your disposal to accompany your users in case of need.


Comply with the regulatory framework

Our solutions are all certified. Quality is a priority.

Your automotive connected services now!

We are committed to maximizing the value of your connected services by supporting the success of your projects.

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