Human errors are the critical reason for 93% of crashes! By transforming raw car data coming from embedded telematics, the Superdrive® app helps drivers improve their driving behavior and better manage the condition of their car.


miles computed

We have analysed 10 000 000 miles, driven by thousands of drivers, to capture high-risk driving behaviors.


accidents reviewed

We have examined more than 800,000 accidents to understand and determine the most common causes.

This is the intelligence we put at the service of professionals and drivers via the Superdrive® app.

An invitation to super driving

Smart Prevention Tips

  • Avoid risky behaviors with personalized advices before, during and after the trips.

  • Understand risks on road by integrating contextual factors: road infrastructure, weather, traffic, etc.

  • Monitor and improve the overall condition of the vehicle for more security on board.


Reduce fuel bills by up to 30% by following real-time advice on accelerator dosing, anticipation and shifting.

Predictive Maintenance

Check vehicle wear and tear and access personalized maintenance and repair services. In addition, perform a remote diagnosis.

A turnkey solution

White Label

The Superdrive app can be branded for you to reassure your customers with a brand they already know.


We offer you certified dongle ready for use. Already connected? We adapt to your hardware.


If you already have your own application and want to be able to easily integrate connected services into it.

GDPR Compliant

Our app complies with the latest GPDR requirements, including a private mode for users.

Your automotive connected services now!

We are committed to maximizing the value of your connected services by supporting the success of your projects.

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