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myDRUST is an application that has proven its worth after being launched on the market in 2017. We now offer it off the shelf for our partners.

Google Play (4/5)

Developed on the Playstore and AppStore, it consists of a multitude of features:

  • Follow the operations to be carried out: tyre and brake pad changes, draining, air conditioning maintenance, manufacturer overhaul and technical inspection.

  • Automatically receive maintenance reminders based on your driving style.

  • Visualize the default codes if necessary and be accompanied to interpret them.

  • Follow in real time the charge of the vehicle's battery and be alerted if it is discharged.

  • Connect to your mechanic and simplify your maintenance and repair operations.

Une promesse : "réduisez jusqu’à 30% votre facture de carburant !".
This is the equivalent of 250€/year on his fuel bill (based on 13 000 km/year).

myDRUST complète le tableau de bord et permet à l'utilsateur de :

  • Receive real-time advice on accelerator dosing, anticipation and gear shifting.

  • Analyze its driving performance in detail and obtain appropriate advice.

myDRUST white label

We offer to adapt the myDRUST application to your brand, reinforcing the trust of your customers with a brand they already know. Apply your logo, your colors and your messages!

SDK (software development kit)

You already have your application and you want to be able to easily integrate connected car services into it? We propose you to use our SDK (software development kit). These kits are developed according to market standards to allow you "out of the box" integration.

Tailor-made application

If our off-the-shelf features and services do not directly meet your needs, we put our team of experts at your disposal to create and implement your services in a new custom built application.

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The team is committed to maximizing the value of your connected services by supporting the success of your projects.

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